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Mission and goals of the Organization

AZ Capital was founded on January 24, 2018. The desire to achieve high results in trading and become successful in financial markets was the beginning of the company which will work with traders and investments.

The company’s initial activity was the training of professional traders and the development of financial literacy in the country, as well as the creation of a foundation for foreign investment, acting not only as guarantor, but also as a bridge in cooperation between traders and investors.

The key to the training of professional traders is the long experience of the founder of the company, whom he is happy to share with his students. The number of successful traders began to grow and it was decided to create a broker of its own that could win the interest and trust of the people.

The key to the success of any company is the team atmosphere, so team recruitment takes into account not only professional skills and achievements in asset management, but also cultural and moral values.

We are constantly searching for new technologies, methods and talented people, attracting the best of them to the team. Every member of the AZ Capital team is provided with appropriate working conditions, which ultimately produces the desired result.



MetaTrader 5

Major opportunities

MT5 platform is designed for maximum profit. Download MT5 and have at your disposal:

- Market prices with the lowest spread (0.4 points);
- 0.1 sec execution mode;
- 5 market and pending orders;
- 2 stop orders and trailing stop;
- Possibility of opening 100 charts;
- 21 timeframes;
80 or more analytical objects and technical indicators.
A trader can use all MetaTrader 5 services such as library, market and freelancer services to buy or order sophisticated technical indicators.

Algorithmic trading with MT5
Through the platform, customers can implement any trade ideas and strategies. In Metatrader 5 all conditions are created not only to create a trade robot, but you can test it at any interval of time on the available history. Programs for optimizing algorithmic / automated systems are also available.

- Language of MQL5 trading strategies;
- Text Editor- MetaEditor;
- Strategy tester;
- Free library of robots

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AZ Capital

Learn trading from leading experts.

Every person who wants to link his or her life to trade in the global marketplace must clearly understand that work in this area entails a high level of risk. Therefore, before you start work, you are strongly recommended to complete the training programme and make a realistic assessment of your abilities.

AZ Capital has been training professional traders for many years. While training in our company you automatically become part of it. You will always be aware of the latest developments, have access to private resources, and the main opportunity to participate in the life and activities of the company.

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